Kenosha Police And Dangerous Media Hypocrisy. Podcast And Links.

Kenosha police and dangerous media hypocrisy.
Police and media treat a VICTIM bad and a MURDERER good, some about that and some you can do.

Relevant links below podcast including additions which are added to the bottom.

A Kenosha Wisconsin cop shot Jacob Blake in the back 7 times in an obvious attempt to take his life, Jacob will survive but he will probably be paralyzed from the waist down.

Then, during protests, a 17 year old traveled across state lines with an illegal gun and premeditated murder on his mind and was helped by police, thanked by police and then defended by the police saying protesters were to blame because they were out past curfew and then to top it off, Tucker Carlson on Fox News has amazingly reached a new low by defending the terrorist actions of a 17 year old murderer.

Tucker and the cops fail to mention the open carry law in Wisconsin is for 18 and over, the 17 year old shooter paraded around the police ILLEGALLY toting a gun, so, why say protestors can be shot if out over a curfew but skip enforcing a law on who can open carry?

He killed 2 people and injured one person.

As you’ll see in the 4th video linked below the New York Post showed a picture of the victim of the police shooting and said ”Jacob Blake had a knife in his car when he was shot by police”
Whereas they say about the shooter:
”Suspected teen gunman Kyle Rittenhouse spotted cleaning Kenosha graffiti before shooting”

Which is exactly like after Hurricane Katrina there was a photo of a black man in water up to his armpits carrying a small bag of food and the news headline was “Looter carries food” and the same basic photo with a white couple in the water up to their armpits and carrying more food than the black guy and the headline said “Couple FINDS food”
They had food, he had food, people need food and water, but media was there to spin it and that’s the same thing we see continuing to this day.

That right there by Tucker and the NY Post (along with other instances) is an intentional attempt at making the victim out to be bad and the terrorist 17 year old to be good.

The effects of that kind of disgusting propaganda and twisting of the narrative can have real life effects and it shows Tucker and the rest of the media machine and the police do not care one single bit. They just want to fan the flames and do not care.
The blood of those protesters is on their hands.

If that 17 year old had been black they would have painted him as the devil himself even if he had 10 million pictures of him doing ”good” and everyone knows it.

If you are one to support people and tactics like what Tucker does PLEASE wake up and see what he and they are doing.

If you excuse what the police did to Jacob Blake and then to protestors by blaming them, then please do the same, wake up, see what they are doing to people and our rights and our country and speak out against it.

Please watch these 4 videos as they cover a number of important issues we should know about.

1. The Rational National
Kenosha Police Caught On-Cam Working With White Militia & Teen Shooter At Protest

2.  Kenosha Police Chief Suggests Victims to Blame in 17-Year-Old’s Terrorist Attack

3. Kenosha Police Chief Blames Protestors Staying Past Curfew For Their Deaths

4. Tucker Carlson Defends Murder by 17-Year-Old

In the 1st video he mentions facebook had gotten several reports of the militia group the shooter was part of but did nothing while they have deleted or blocked tons of NON violent posts, groups and people.

Please watch the videos, stay up to date with as many sources as possible and stand and speak up peacefully but loudly.

A few sites with resources I would suggest you visit are:


6. where they have tons and tons of info on strikes and how to be involved.

Also, since the above link is about strikes, please note the NBA and other sports leagues have gone on strike to demand change in policing. Some people and news outlets are calling it a boycott. This is not a boycott by teams, it is A STRIKE.
Boycotts are by consumers not spending money.
STRIKES are by workers withholding their labor.
This is a STRIKE and we can do the same and STRIKE through shutting down where we work and supporting those that do.
Please do not call this a boycott. We (workers be us sports figures or auto workers or garbage collectors or supermarket checkout people) can also STRIKE.

So, be informed, use critical thinking and see the manipulation by media and police and speak up and support others standing and speaking up.

7. Info on defunding police can be found at
and other places.
Most calls police go on do not need an armed agent of the state. Social workers, animal control people, traffic officers (without guns) and so forth can respond better. They are better trained. You do not call an electrician for everything around your house needing work, you call a plumber or carpenter or locksmith. The same should be for 911 calls. Defund police, give a lot of the money they get to more qualified and trained people and only send police to calls they are needed, which is a small portion (depending on the area) of the amount of calls they go on so we need less.
Along with that we must get rid of qualified immunity and make other changes, but defunding police is a big part of what MUST be done.

Here are a couple additions:

8. Kenosha Sheriff in 2018: ‘There’s Some People That Aren’t Worth Saving’
Sheriff David Beth called on shoplifters to be “warehoused” for life to stop “these males [from] going out and getting 10 other women pregnant.”

9. ACLU Calls for Immediate Resignation of Kenosha Police Chief and Kenosha County Sheriff for Failed Response to Attempted Murder of Jacob Blake



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