During COVID19, Workers Must STRIKE to Protect our LIVES. Podcast and Links.

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During COVID19, Workers Must STRIKE to Protect our LIVES.
When employers show they don’t care,
WE must stand up!

When employers show they don’t care,
WE must stand up!

During COVID19, Workers Must STRIKE to Protect our LIVES.
When employers show they don’t care, WE must stand up!

Links mentioned are below, but of course many more are available to you including updated ones since this podcast was made.

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1) When Working Means Deadly Risk, Backlash Brews
The coronavirus crisis is shining a spotlight on how many of the biggest companies treat essential workers.

2) Amazon fires worker who organized strike over coronavirus response

3) Amazon workers walk out over lack of protective gear amid coronavirus
More than 100 workers went on strike at a New York City facility after reports of multiple employees testing positive for Covid-19

4) London postal workers take strike action over coronavirus concerns

5) Scottish care workers speak out against conditions and treatment during COVID-19 crisis

6) “If we had not struck, the union would have done nothing”
Thousands walk out in Matamoros as Mexican government lets corporations continue production during pandemic

7) Perdue workers walk off production line in Georgia over coronavirus safety measures

8) Instacart workers strike over safety; company claims ‘no impact’ on deliveries

9) Amazon warehouse workers in Italy are striking in outrage at the firm’s response to 2 staff contracting coronavirus

10) Delivery worker’s death at South Korea’s Coupang highlights the growing risk for labor workers at US e-commerce companies like Amazon as demand spikes amid COVID-19 crisis

11) Amazon has postponed its twice-a-year all-hands meeting because of the coronavirus, and it means workers won’t hear directly from Jeff Bezos at a time of uncertainty

12) French Amazon workers protest in coronavirus pushback
SARAN, France/PARIS (Reuters) – Several hundred Amazon workers protested in France on Wednesday, calling on the online retailer to cease operations or make it easier for employees not wanting to work during the coronavirus outbreak to stay away.

13) Lombardy workers threaten to strike after government fails to shut down factories due to virus crisis

14) Pittsburgh garbage collectors strike for protective equipment, hazard pay amid coronavirus: reports

15) Whole Foods outraged its employees this week by suggesting healthy employees generously donate their unused vacation time to fellow workers who get sick during the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

16) Coronavirus is only making Jeff Bezos and Amazon more powerful
Bezos already made headlines for becoming even richer, adding $3.4 billion to his $117 billion net worth after dumping stocks just before the crisis exploded — installing him in a rogues’ gallery of pandemic profiteers that includes Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn.
Other headlines as his serfs strike: Bezos got his space company Blue Origin deemed an “essential service.” He spent $165 million for a Beverly Hills estate belonging to David Geffen — himself the target of biblical wrath for posting an aerial sunset photo of his yacht, from his yacht, over the weekend.

Check online and in whatever ways you can with large to small organizations, organize with others, try not to buy from Amazon or abusive companies that don’t care about life, find ways to stand up and to support others that do.

This is an indicator of what is to come, and it will continue to get worse, so stand NOW people, stand up!

Remain Peaceful but stand up!

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