One Thing We Can Do About Covid 19 CoronaVirus (and more) Podcast and Links.

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One Thing We Can Do About Covid 19 CoronaVirus (and more) Podcast

3 videos, 2 of which I mentioned, Tulsi’s site with a rundown of the proposal and 3 articles after a short statement:

A UBI can make it so that people can safely self quarantine instead of worrying about foreclosure because of not paying mortgage, they will have some money for food and other bills. It’s an economic stimulant PLUS helps with making us safer.

It makes the most sense and must be a CONTINUING monthly payment until the Coronoviris is over. NOT just a 1 time payment.

1) Video: Tulsi’s Emergency UBI Plan & More For Coronavirus
2) Video: EXCLUSIVE: Tulsi Gabbard details UBI plan for crisis
…. and her site with an overview of the UBI:
3) Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Resolution Calling for Emergency Universal Basic Payment as Direct Coronavirus Pandemic Relief
4) 5 Lessons For Using Universal Basic Income During A Pandemic
5) America is in crisis. We need universal basic income now
6) COVID-19 And Universal Basic Income: Lessons For Governments From The Tech World
7) This VIDEO has a couple great ideas (that I would take much farther and actually will be making a podcast about), but please watch and think

The world isn’t going to get better on it’s own people, stand peacefully for positive change.

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