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The address of this site is
(The site is called “There’s This”)

What information we collect about you and what information sites associated with various music players, video players and links etc collect about you…

We harvest none other than your email address if you contact us through the Contact Form and it is only used to respond to you.

There are no automatic or paid for analytics programs for this site that are turned on through this site or the site host as far as is known, so you are not tracked by us.
A cookie may be placed on your computer to help you work with the site but it is not for tracking.

OTHER companies or sites (the podcast hosting company, any company they are connected to, YouTube videos, etc, etc) that have embedded players or links MAY (and probably do) track you and that is out of our hands completely. Refer to their sites for information.

Most of those other companies are used to allow the playing, listening, and viewing of songs and videos and are not part of “There’s This” or this site other than that.

As a general (and important) rule of thumb, you should educate yourself on privacy when it comes to ALL internet, phone and smart devices. There are many resources out there and for you to be as informed as possible will require reading up from various sources regularly as no one place probably is fully up on everything, and on top of that technology changes, so please be informed.

The most basic and limited steps you can take are blocking 3rd party cookies, having an auto delete of cookies in your browser (such as Firefox), using various privacy plugins, knowing what browser fingerprinting is and so forth but again, you need to research and please know that some sites may not work properly with various cookie, script or other blocking features.

“There’s This”
January 28, 2020

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