Protests and Feds in Portland and beyond including what you can do. Podcast and Links.

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Protests and Feds in Portland and beyond including what you can do

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EVERYONE must support the demonstrations and protests in one way or the other. If you can’t get there in person support by spreading word online and in person. The tactics and unconstitutional laws and orders have been placed into being for years and years and now we finally are seeing enough unconstitutional laws and training that they feel they can do anything they want… anything they want, to anyone they want.

They do not care about you, me, blacks, whites or anything but serving their puppetmasters which are in office and in boardrooms.

Speak up people, speak up.

1. On the ground in Portland: The latest on the attacks by federal agents
A Constitutional Crisis in Portland
UPDATE: In response to our lawsuit, a federal court on July 23, 2020, issued a temporary restraining order blocking federal agents in Portland, Oregon, from attacking or arresting journalists and legal observers.

2. As for communications, it is a good idea to try to at least be a bit more private and that can be by using Signal app for phone, computer or tablet, it offers encrypted text and voice for free, and there are many, many ways you can make phone and pc communications and browsing more secure such as Mullvad VPN. Some are listed here and if you search you can find tons more and MAKE SURE as much as possible is “Open Source” where the code can be checked to make sure it’s safe, if it’s not Open Source make sure you trust the ones that make the apps, etc
where they have tons of info, so please visit there and even read up further by searching out more.

3. The Black Lives Matter website

4. Portland Protests Escalate! Chicago Mayor Welcomes Federal Goons!

5. Philly DA Larry Krasner: Trump Is a Wannabe Fascist.
” I Will Charge His Agents If They Break Law”

6. Fascism! It’s Coming To A City Near You!

7. a. SATURDAY July 25th
Protest The Establishment At Their Homes!
7. b. Be a part of this

8. Homeland Security Dept. CAUGHT LYING About Their Troops!

9. Here are the Dems pretending to care and giving 50 billion dollars with no strings attached to the DHS.
Pelosi Funding Trump’s Federal Goon Squad While Virtue Signaling Against Them!

10. a.  Noam Chomsky on Trump’s Troop Surge to Democratic Cities & Whether He’ll Leave Office if He Loses
10. b. the rest of the interview continues at this following link at around the 42:40 mark at

11. Police body camera footage of George Floyd murder released
His knee was on Floyd’s neck for NINE AND A HALF MINUTES.
At this point, Chauvin put his knee on Floyd’s neck for nine and a half minutes.
Chauvin asked the other officers if they were okay, to which Lane replied, ”My knee might be a little scratched but I’ll survive” as Floyd slowly runs out of air beneath their weight.

12. In the 1960’s the US spent $2 billion on policing
in 2018 the number was $137 billion
and that doesn’t even include all the money paid out to victims of police violence.
Money that could go to social services and people more trained and better equipt to deal with most calls police go on.

13. Let’s talk about 14 characteristics, 10 stages, and where you are….

14. On Contact: Police Reform
On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to activist, writer, and PhD candidate at Yale University Philip McHarris, on the latest calls for police reform in the U.S.

15. Oklahoma cops tased Jared Lakey over 50 times before he died, video shows

Let’s talk about Defunding.
Defunding means trimming down the amount of cops and having someone go on a call they are suited for much more than a cop.
The average cop makes less than 1 felony arrest in the US every year. Most are not protecting us almost all of their day. We don’t need as many and we can employ people suited for various issues.

Come on people, open your minds, your eyes and set aside some preconceived and easy comfortable blame and hate, preconceived partisan divided vision and misdirection. We must stand together.

What can you do? Lots, you can get in the streets, you can support those in the streets by sharing this and other info online and in person, through email and texting.

16. a. You can join in and or support and share info and links about the Wall of Moms..
Calling all moms!
Let’s do what we do best: defend people.
16. b. and to start a chapter

17. Plus now we have the Wall of Vets and a Wall of Dads in Portland

18. A Twitter thread of the Wall of Vets by the author of the above article

19. A ‘Wall of Vets’ Joins the Front Lines of Portland Protests
Military veterans said they banded together to protect the free speech of demonstrators.

20. And there’s this
This AI uses emojis to protect BLM protestors from facial recognition
The system slaps a BLM fist emoji on the faces of protestors…
Note, I would suggest you strip off metadata from any photos you upload to anywhere as metadata can include info about your phone. That goes for all photos and videos.
ALSO there are programs that can blur faces in photos, you can search for those.

21. Can’t Go Out and Protest? Here’s How to Help From Home
Whether you’re trying to maintain your social distance or just looking for other ways to speak up, here are some ideas on how to contribute.

22. Ways You Can Help
When You’re Done: Educate Yourself.
This Doesn’t Go Away Once The Topic Isn’t Trending
This site has maps of protests and more.

23. ACLU Apps to Record Police Conduct

24. a. Erica Chenoweth on how non-violence succeeds and lasts
The success of nonviolent civil resistance: Erica Chenoweth at TEDxBoulder
24. b. website

25. Photo is part of the statement below
Professor Maureen Healy injured by federal police July 21, 2020 Portland Or USA

Professor Maureen Healy is the chair of the history department at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. ( She teaches Modern European History, with a specialization in the history of Germany and Eastern Europe (and the rise of fascism). She was shot in the head by federal agents on Monday night and is recovering from the injury and the concussion, but shared a statement of her experience, and gave permission to share this.

Statement by Maureen Healy, July 22, 2020

For Immediate Release

Since June, I have been attending peaceful protests in Portland neighborhoods in support of Black Lives Matter. I have gone with family and friends.

I am a 52-year-old mother. I am a history professor.

I went downtown yesterday to express my opinion as a citizen of the United States, and as a resident of Portland. Of Oregon. This is my home. I was protesting peacefully. So why did federal troops shoot me in the head Monday night?

I was in a large crowd of ordinary folks. Adults, teens, students. Moms and dads. It looked to me like a cross-section of the City. Black Lives Matter voices led the crowd on a peaceful march from the Justice Center past the murals at the Apple store. The marchers were singing songs. We were chanting. We were saying names of Black people that have been killed by police. We observed a moment of silence in front of the George Floyd mural.

I wanted to, and will continue to, exercise my First Amendment right to speak. Federal troops have been sent to my city to extinguish these peaceful protests. I was not damaging federal property. I was in a crowd with at least a thousand other ordinary people. I was standing in a public space.

In addition to being a Portland resident, I am also a historian. My field is Modern European History, with specialization in the history of Germany and Eastern Europe. I teach my students about the rise of fascism in Europe.

By professional training and long years of teaching, I am knowledgeable about the historical slide by which seemingly vibrant democracies succumbed to authoritarian rule. Militarized federal troops are shooting indiscriminately into crowds of ordinary people in our country. We are on that slide.

It dawned on me when I was in the ER, and had a chance to catch my breath (post tear gas): my government did this to me. My own government. I was not shot by a random person in the street. A federal law enforcement officer pulled a trigger that sent an impact munition into my head.

After being hit I was assisted greatly by several volunteer medics. At least one of them was with Rosehip Medic Collective. To take shelter from the teargas I was hustled into a nearby van. Inside they bandaged my head and drove me several blocks away. From there my family took me to the ER. I am grateful for the assistance, skill, and incredibly kind care of these volunteer medics.

We must take this back to Black Lives Matter. Police brutality against Black people is the real subject of these peaceful protests that have been happening in my city and across the country. What happened to me is nothing. It is nothing compared to what happens to Black citizens at the hands of law enforcement, mostly local police, every day. And that is why we have been marching. That is why I will continue to march.”

The above report I am not putting the person’s name on until I get a statement from them that their name can go out. They posted it as public with permission from the Professor so I feel it’s ok to post, but I am going to get permission for their name to be on here.

26. Defining “Defunding The Police”

27. This next report I am not putting the person’s name on until I get a statement from them that their name can go out. They posted it as public so I feel it’s ok to post, but I am going to get permission for their name to be on here.

“Portland, OR

Everything you are seeing on the news about Portland is a lie.

The first thing you notice down on 3rd in front of the justice center is how clean and untouched almost everything is. The Elk statue is down, but only one bldg is sprayed with graffitti. Just one. The streets are clean, Lounsdale park and Chapman square are clean. Mark Hatfield square is untouched and so is city hall. Where the elk was is now a mound of dirt. I understand why it was set fire now, but I’ll explain that in another post.

The second thing you notice is how it smells – the marine air in a summer breeze, wafting along with the scents of burning sage, pot smoke and bbq ribs. It smelled like a summer picnic in Portland and that was the general atmosphere tonight too.

People were waiting, milling around chanting, and then they came, marching from the Salmon St Springs – the yellow wall of moms. A roar of respect from the crowd went up. Everyone applauded. The moms marched up 3rd and took position in a line in front of the justice center. More people came and now a crowd was formed in front of that building too.

Two small blocks, two small parks. That is the sum total of where everything is happening. The city isn’t trashed, isn’t on fire and it didn’t feel like a war zone tonight.

There were a few hundred people when we arrived, and a couple thousand when we left:

Someone had balloons, some people carried signs, a few drummers drummed, a guy on a skateboard was handing out squeaky pink rubber pigs he carried over his shoulder in a fishing net. There were medics and water stations. Some people were waiting for bbq.

The line of moms and the crowd by them were louder and their chanting seemed more organized. At the N graffitied bldg it was quieter, less people and the mood seemed more resigned to whatever the later night might bring. Some first nations people were kneeling there chanting and burning sage. A line of young people with plywood shields knelt, waiting patiently for god knows what. A black guy walked up and down reminding people to be calm, not to riot, and not provoke the feds we knew were inside waiting to come roaring out. People, including me, walked in and out of the pilars looking at the graffitti. I went to the doors and quietly told them to get out of our town. I could feel their eyes watching me behind their plywood barricade. I am sure they heard me and if they did, I’m glad.

The graffiti is beautiful btw. It needs to stay: as a reminder of what civil disobedience looks like.

The last thing I noticed was the absence of the ppd. There were no police barricades and no police lined up for kettling the protesters.

It all felt a bit surreal, but this whole year feels surreal.

We left at 11pm out of prudence.

I am getting too old to get my head bashed in, and we did not know what the later night might bring. More people were arriving as we left, but as of this writing at 1am I still have heard no flashbangs echoing up the hills to my house.

So if you have imagined Portland is in chaos, trashed and burnt to a crisp, stop. It is nothing of the kind. One building has spray paint on it. That is all. And that certainly does not warrant an invasion of hired nazi fed goons. They need to”

27. Another Twitter thread by Mike Baker
Huge escalation as police push protesters back. Injuries and people thrown to the ground.

This is obvious beyond belief that the police aren’t “protecting” people or buildings, they are out of control thugs, if you think different PLEASE open up your mind.

28. And since he has a lot of threads on Portland and videos and of course what others add here’s Mike Baker’s main Twitter page

More may be added here in the numbered list, check back if you like.

Don’t let fear take over, just as in Portland there are MORE people out there now because they see the attack upon us as what it is which is UNACCEPTABLE.

It didn’t start with trump, but the ramping up has continued through to now and now is when its getting real bad and dangerous and no one that is paying attention can say that’s exaggeration or hyperbole

Stay peaceful but not silent.

PS, there are a TON of resources and links in the previous few posts, please visit those if you like and make sure to SHARE them around!


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