Strikes And Unions How To PLUS Amazon VP Quits, Slams Company Over Mistreatment Of Workers. Podcast and Links.

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Strikes And Unions How To PLUS Amazon VP Quits, Slams Company Over Mistreatment Of Workers.
PLUS Smart Organizing!

Let’s see more rich and high paid and corporate people step up for RIGHTS and LIFE.
Let’s also ORGANIZE in a SMART AND INFORMED WAY as is mentioned in part at the 2 videos, the site of the union organizer with lots of info, vids and books, etc, and 2 articles I’m sharing below. PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT, THIS IS IMPORTANT!


1. Amazon VP Quits, Slams Company Over Mistreatment Of Workers

2. Video interview part 1
How To Start A Successful Strike During Crisis. w/Jane McAlevey

3. Video interview part 2
Many Strikes Are Coming Before Nov. Election & After. w/Jane McAlevey

4. Website: Jane McAlevey, union organizer, scholar, author, and political commentator.

5. Article: May 1 “general strike” at Amazon: A failed adventure by the Democratic Party and the unions

6. Article: The coronavirus pandemic fuels the class struggle

And please note people, in 2019 there were massive strikes and uprisings of people that are facing low wages, bad conditions, lost rights and so forth in over 1/2 the countries in the world.
Over half.
The rich, the elites, the oligarchs, the psychopaths that love power and money saw that and see it was leading to global change and they decided no, this must not go on, so they are using this covid19 virus for their gains…
For more money, more power, to weaken us and surveil us even more than we were.
Think about it, more surveillance means they will even easier be able to watch third party candidates, protestors, organizers of unions and on and on.
Our planet, our rights and our lives are on the line and it will get harder to protect those things by the day, we MUST organize and be smart, We MUST set aside our differences, we MUST do this NOW!
PLEASE get informed and active!

…and NOTE, we must be smart about this, The big corporations will want to weed out organizers, so learn as much as possible before just walking out. I am NOT discouraging any peaceful action, but to be the safest and be as impactful as possible will require using our minds. So watch those videos, read those articles and spread the info!

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