24th April. 24 Hour Live Stream in Place of Global School Strike. Fridays For Future. Podcast and Links.

24th April. 24 Hour Live Stream in Place of Global School Strike. Fridays For Future.

FFF YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChb23_19GTIWDF7-zXNrT3g

FFF main site https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/

The below is from the FFF newsletter which you can sign up for at https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/

Global Strike: Young activists are holding a 24 hour live stream in place of the global school strike on April 24th.

On the 24th of April, Fridays For Future will be holding a 24 hour livestream on our International YouTube channel.
It will feature countries from all around the world, starting East in Australia and the Pacific Islands, and ending West in the Americas. This will be a day of global unity, where Fridays For Future groups in as many different countries as possible will get to share their experiences, how the climate crisis has impacted their communities and what they want to see change.

The 24th of April was supposed to be a global School Strike for Climate, a movement started by Greta Thunberg in August 2018. It was intended to be a day of global unity, and during past global events over 7.5 million people have taken to the streets to protest for climate action. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put the world on hold, and we must adapt. We strongly believe in uniting behind science and understanding the emergency, therefore we made the decision to cancel our protests. Instead, we have had to be more creative.

“2020 is a crucial year for climate action and we can’t afford to forget about it during this pandemic. We always follow the science, which currently says it’s unsafe to gather in large groups due to COVID19. This project will be a useful way of keeping people involved and the discussion relevant without endangering anyone,” said Kallan Benson, a 16-year-old school striker and one of the organisers from the USA.

Dylan Hamilton, a 15-year-old school striker and organiser from Scotland, said, “In this time of uncertainty, we can’t forget one crisis in the midst of another. Every crisis must be treated as a crisis, and our situation before the coronavirus was already an emergency.”

Several countries have confirmed their participation:

Argentina, Austria, Costa Rica, Denmark, England & Wales, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Sweden, USA. FFF groups globally are spreading and announcing the digital event. More information is forthcoming of details in the week of April 20th.

FFF YouTube channel:


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