Don’t Hold Back Speaking of Climate Change, Unite Behind The Science Podcast and Links.

You don’t have to be an expert scientist to steer people to expert science.

There are some people that hold back speaking of Climate Change due to feeling they aren’t experts and in this episode of the podcast I cover how you don’t need to hold back encouraging others to be more informed and to look to the experts.

The websites I mentioned in the show are:

1) The World Improvers Videos at Fridays for Future:

2) The main Fridays for Future site:

3) Climate Disruption Dispatches

4) John Bolenbaugh, Big Oil Whistleblower has a lot of info and a free documentary at

5) I mistakenly said “policy” not “panel” when referencing the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

When I mentioned Dahr Jamail I misspelled his name. My apologies.
Also, he started the series, but it is now written by Mike Ludwig.
So please, visit those sites or dig in elsewhere, just please get aware, get vocal and get active in the changes we need from small to large. Time is not on our side.


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