More reasons to STRIKE during COVID19. Podcast and Links.

More reasons to STRIKE during COVID19.
They do NOT care about us, we MUST stand for our LIVES!

1) Fight For 15

2) McDonald’s Workers Strike Across Country & Block Drive Thru’s

3) Thousands line up at US food pantries as hunger surges due to coronavirus crisis

4) Detroit nurse fired by Sinai-Grace Hospital for demanding action to improve desperate conditions

5) Spanish government to force workers in non-essential industries back to work

6) Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Turkish government steps up attacks on workers

7) “This is forced labor”: Six GM workers stricken with COVID-19 at parts warehouse

8) European governments plot return to work in midst of pandemic

9) Cruise ship workers expose deadly conditions, financial ruin in light of coronavirus pandemic

10) Thousands of Florida residents claim unemployment benefits as state governor says schools must reopen despite increasing COVID-19 infections

11) UK: Heathrow Airport demands workers to take pay cut or face dismissal

12) Quebec government, big business push for return to work as COVID-19 deaths soar

Speak up NOW or live (and maybe die) due to greed.

Many more links in some of the previous podcasts here at There’
… remember folks, as is a common problem and is starkly evidenced with the Sanders and Clinton union endorsements, while unions can be good, ONLY ones set up where decisions are made by the WORKERS and not the union bosses are good. If forming a new union, MAKE CERTAIN that the way it is set up keeps any bosses from grabbing more power, you must have checks and balances. You must make sure any changes can only be done with full consent of the workers.
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