Helping Musicians Make A Living (or at least more) Podcast

Digital downloads and streaming and how you can help artists. Plus an original song!

If you listen to music by buying downloads, CDs or streaming you can help the artists, the musicians, even if you don’t directly pay them (which would be nice of course but even if you don’t) and I cover some of that in this episode along with an original song from a project I have.

The site that is being built with that and other songs and links to the currently available places to find the music is on which as I mentioned is in a transition period but may be worth your while checking out.

Please note that the amount that is paid to artists by the various companies can change and it’s a bit tough to get a real exact number anyway, so read up and share this info. Artists deserve the support.

Please bookmark this site which is the companion (and more) to the podcast site



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