Healing from COVID19, Imagining and Creating a Different World. Podcast and Links.

Healing from COVID19, Imagining and Creating a Different World

A better world is possible, IF we seize the opportunity so spread the word, change the conversation into being proactive!

The articles mentioned:
1) Chomsky and Pollin: To Heal From COVID-19, We Must Imagine a Different World

From the article…

“These are the times we live in, and unless there is a radical change of direction, what we are seeing now is a bare foretaste of what is to come.”
2) A Call to Action: Towards a General Strike to End the COVID-19 Crisis and Create a New World

From the article…

“This crisis changes everything.

We have an opportunity to take control now, and we are ready to fight for a society in which all people can live with full autonomy without having to worry about survival.

Below is the basic framing and list of preliminary demands that we think are essential to call for and act upon at this time.

*General Strike! No Work, No Shopping Friday, May 1st

People over Profit: Tell the Government and Wall Street that their priority must be to Save Lives, Not Profits. Returning to Work under this Pandemic is a threat to our Collective Health and Safety

We Need Systems Change, Not Just Relief and Reform. The Capitalist System Can’t Resolve this Crisis.

Our Demands:

Protect All Front-line Workers in the Hospitals, the Supply Chains, and the Farms and Fields to ensure that they have all of the equipment and disinfectant materials that they need to keep themselves and the general public healthy

Protect Asians and other vulnerable communities, including the homeless, migrants, and refugees from discrimination and attack in this time of crisis

Democratize the Means of Production, Convert the Corporations and Workplaces into Cooperatives to produce what we need and distribute equitably according to need

Institute Universal Health Care Now

Institute Universal Basic Services Now (Education, Childcare, Elderly Care, Water, Electricity, Internet, etc.) based on Economic, Social and Cultural rights guidelines

Institute Universal Basic Income Now

Democratize the Finance, Credit and Insurance Industries – Bailout the People, Not the Corporations and Wall Street

Decarbonize the Economy, Institute a Green New Deal based on a Just Transition, End the Fossil Fuel and Extractive Industries Now

Housing is a Human Right, Decommodify Housing Now, Open all available housing stock to those who need it now

Ensure there is clean drinking water for all communities, decommodify water now

Cancel Our Debts, Institute a Debt Jubilee Now

Close the Jails, Close the Prisons, Release the Prisoners

Close the Detention Centers, Reunite the Families, Stop the Raids and Deportations

Close all of the Overseas Military Bases, Cut the Military (Defense) and Spy (Surveillance) Budgets and Redirect these funds to Health Care, Social Services, Universal Basic Income and Greening Public Infrastructure and the Economy*

We are calling upon all who agree with this call to join us in calling for militant action to shut the system down. This is what we are asking you to do immediately:

1. Let us know if you agree with this call and this list of demands, or how you would add upon or strengthen them.

2. Let us know if you would be willing to participate in a coordinating body to help organize and advance this call. This coordinating body would take on the task of building out the base of the united front, help facilitate community between its constituent parts, and facilitate the calls to action.

3. Join us for our first zoom call on Monday, April 6th at 12 PM (EST) / 11 AM (CST) / 10 AM (MST) / 9 AM (PST) to start building this front and advancing this call to action. To participate in the call and communicate your alignment and willingness help coordinate a broad, united front initiative email us at [email protected].

Finally, this initiative is not intended to negate any of the calls already issued for a rent strike, a people’s bailout, etc. We hope to unite all who can be united, while respecting the independence of initiative of the various forces that would comprise the front. We have to apply ceaseless, unyielding pressure on the system and the forces that enable it. Let’s do so with any eye towards employing maximum unity to end this crisis and create a new world in its aftermath.

Cooperation Jackson can be contacted through its webs site: https://cooperationjackson.org

This isn’t covered in the podcast but I’m adding this…

6) Ahead of May Day, 500+ Groups Worldwide Demand Just and Visionary Recovery From Covid-19

“This virus proves how interconnected we are. The solutions we come up with now must ensure that no one is left behind.”

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