UBI, Covid19 and a BETTER WORLD. Podcast and Links.

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UBI, Covid19 and a BETTER WORLD

The world CAN be better, and so while we are dealing with Covid 19 virus and the economic disaster, let’s build a BETTER way!

1) Here’s the Jimmy Dore video I mentioned

2) An explanation of Citizen Assemblies
Here’s a short basic 3 minute video:
  A) Citizens, Assemble! Deliberative Democracy in 3 Minutes

and a 2 minute video
  B) Why should we use Citizens’ Assemblies? Ask the Citizens

  C) There’s also a great article and much more in depth discussion in another video I will share as soon as I can and you of course can read up on your own.

3) Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Resolution Calling for Emergency Universal Basic Payment as Direct Coronavirus Pandemic Relief

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